Golf Rules

Sportsmonkey follows the USGA Rules of Golf except for the items noted below.


The ball may be moved up to six inches (6″), no nearer the hole, using the head of a club, when in the fairway or rough. This rule MAY NOT be used to obtain relief from hazards (traps, water, etc.) or natural obstacles (trees, shrubs, etc.).


  • A new ball may be dropped with a ONE STROKE penalty.
  • The drop area should be as near as possible to where the ball was seen to go.
  • If any question of placement arises, mutually agree with your opponent.
  • This applies to all lost balls, including those in the fairway.


The player may elect to drop a new ball within two club lengths of the POINT OF EXIT, no nearer the hole, with a ONE STROKE penalty.


When the ball lands in a water hazard, drop a ball on the tee side of the hazard along the original ball’s line of flight and take a ONE STROKE penalty.


When in a sand trap and there are holes that naturally should not be there, you are allowed to pick up the ball, smooth the area and roll the ball back into the trap. You are NOT allowed to remove the ball from the hazard. But you MUST notify your opponent BEFORE you pick up your ball and both of you should agree on the move.


If the ball lands in tall grass you can either play it where it lies or you can drop a ball two-club lengths from the point of entry into the tall grass with one stroke penalty (no closer to the hole).


In the interest of fun and fair play, anyone who feels that his/her opponent has done something to merit stroke(s) penalty or disqualification, must call his/her opponent on that BEFORE they tee off on the next tee or before they leave the green on the last hole. This is to prevent someone from calling his/her opponent on a penalty after they find out they had lost the match or team points.


Please note that the maximum stroke on any hole is 10.  When you reach this total and you still have not completed the hole, pick up your ball and record a 10 on your scorecard.


Casual water is a temporary accumulation of water on the course which is visible before or after the player takes his/her stance and is not in a water hazard.  You may take relief from this abnormal ground condition without a stroke penalty as long as you drop no closer to the hole at the nearest point of relief.


Each week the nine-hole competition should take no longer than 2 hours and fifteen minutes.  Please play ready golf.  Ready Golf:  whenever it is clear and safe to play your next shot, please play your next shot.  Don’t always worry about who is further out, etc.   Carry extra clubs when walking to your ball.  After one shot, if it is safe, walk right up to your next shot and be ready to hit again.  When putting it is recommended that each golfer continue to putt until they are through when possible.  Marking and replacing the ball wastes time especially on tap ins.  Concede putts inside of the leather (generally around 2ft and in) whenever possible.  Keep an eye on yours and your opponents shots at all times.


The Pro shop will make decisions about the weather.  If you are unsure about the weather you can call the pro shop directly at 713-413-3400 ext. 3 and/or check our website at  Light or isolated showers (unless there is lightning) will not cancel play.


  • Women tee off from the green tee markers.
  • Men tee off from the blue tee markers.


  • Proper golf attire is required at all times.
  • No sweatpants, cutoffs, gym shorts, tank tops, ripen jeans, boots heels or non-golf style cleats.

* These policies are designed to make the league run as smoothly and safely as possible, and provide continuity for its participants.  Each player in the league is responsible for this information: please advise your team of these rules and thanks for playing.*

If you have any further questions please email us at